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Questions for the NFB training center experts

I decided to compile a list of questions to ask an NFB representative/graduate/etc regarding their training programs. I was surprised when it wound up about 3 to four times as long as I expected.
Here they are, in case anyone has comments/criticisms/suggestions/etc.

  1.  Efficiency. 6 months is a long time. I expect I've got a chunk of the starting skills. Can I expect my time will be used efficiently?
  2.  On the other hand, free time. Will I have to put aside software / networking / creative aspirations, or will there be time for those?
  3.  Over-the-top scenario: someone dumps me in the middle of Ontario, and I have to find my way back to campus. Can I gain this power?
  4.  My only support network is immediate relatives, which is unpleasant. Will I be able to break away from this?
  5.  I don't want to move to a major city. Will I still be able to travel (mostly) independently?
  6.  Rules and restrictions. Just in general. One can learn a lot about the people they'll deal with from their rules.
  7.  WSB hasn't even touched cleaning and repairs. My property is a spider/ant/mold haven. Will I learn how to correct this?
  8.  On average, how many people are enrolled at a given time, and what are the demographics like? Age, gender, education, home state, etc.
  9.  (Addendum to 2) What's internet access like? I don't object to "not much", if there's, like, a Starbux I can use ~once or twice a day.
  10.  Culture. I am highly resistant to assimilation (which has its ups and downs, IME). What's the memetic landscape typically like?
  11.  I need control over my life more than I need a job, but positive income would help loads. Can I expect advantages on that front?
  12.  Can I have a million dollars? (Just thought I'd check, just in case.)

Tags: blind, life, questions, skills, training
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