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So my main hope for Thursday was that the final portion of the App Academy interview process would be done before anyone got home. It was scheduled for 3:15-4, and people typically get here somewhere in the middle of that range.
Except, being that no one was doing anything at school and my sister wasn't busy, people showed up before noon.

I got most of Saturday and Sunday to myself; everyone was out of town for the weekend. The trouble is, with Thursday and Friday draining all the life out of everything, I spent both days unable to do anything. (I spent ten minutes examining the inscription on a wrench, if that tells you anything.)
I wound up sleeping for a whole twelve hours starting Sunday afternoon and ending Monday morning. THen spent all of Monday reading fanfiction.

Someone decided it necessary to come into my room and start watching youtube videos (either comedy, rap, or dubstep) while I was trying to read some parts that seemed particularly suited for me. I kinda feel like I really should have been more excited about that bit, but, you know, "You're here, I have a phone, Youtube". -.-

I have like no motivation to work on anything what so ever, now. I don't really want anything in particular other than to stop feeling like crap with as few negative side-effects as possible.
But people and work-unfriendly weather.

It also seems abundantly clear to me that if I'm going to get up and start walking around, I either need something to think about, or something to jumpstart excitement. The former is broken, and the latter... is usually a combination of music and me having the house to myself.
So basically, I'm doomed until they go to Florida. Not that I know what the annoying one is doing for that week. So maybe just doomed forever.

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