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Foiling my Hypothetical Plans

I'm an idiot.

My parents will be going on their at-least-annual trip to Disneyworld in June, because they can never seem to realize why they can't reduce their credit card debt, or something.

This was supposed to leave me alone for a week.

This weekend, they reveal that the most annoying person in the house (who I just recently discovered has a non-negligible probability of contributing loads to why the Las Vegas incident ended the way it did, in a "Harry Potter defeated Voldemort" way) no longer wants to go.

At no point before "Oh by the way, we're replacing that week of peace and freedom with a week of suffering" did I realize "Hey, with no one here, this would be a perfect time to try and negotiate the transportation options and general layout of town! I could gain genuinely useful information, and wouldn't have to put up with their crap!"


I'm going to go rescue Princess Peach a few times, now.
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