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Misanthropy vs Independence


The quality of my entire day was just thwarted because someone else is home sick from school. I would not have to work around this if I did not live with my parents. In addition, the property that I own is in walking distance of one of the few bus stops in town, meaning that moving there would be a huge step toward what amounts to freedom.

I also wonder if living with my parents way longer than is healthy is contributing to my increasing devaluing of peple as people rather than obstacles/tools. The only people I interact with in a non-internet way are relatively useless beyond that two of them provide food and internet, and obstacles in that most interactions with them are chores more than anything, and not wanting to deal with any such interactions is one major deterrent to my attempting anything outside of a computer. I have neither the money nor social capital to just call a moving truck and move (and my sister is currently living at the place I own, probably for months until the property she's looking into is fit for living).

If there are indeed NFB-type meetings locally, I'd predict there will be one this Thursday. If I could get there, that seems like it could be a start to... something. The trouble is, there is no non-costly way to get there; a cab would be $20, and going through my parents would require interacting with my parents, who may or may not have the opportunity in the first place (and would likely be helicoptery if they did). The cab option also has the cost of likely discovery, which would involve further unwanted interactions with parents.

You know, for all that I complain about my parents, they aren't _that_ bad. I mean, there's a reason I graduated from ASMSA and got into Hendrix.

But parents as gatekeepers? No one likes that.

I am under the impression that most people move out by virtue of finding someone else to live with, a job and/or lead on a job, and... well, actually, that's pretty much the most common features I can think of.
And most people find those through connections they make way before move out time (college at the latest).

Well, this track is not available to me.

Now what?

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