caejones (caejones) wrote,

I dislike Weekends

Friday was horrible.
Monday was ok.

Running out of room to code around not having other people to give me stuff has brought LC to a crawl at best, so I decided to spend my coding time Friday morning working on an accessible image viewer/editor.
This is much simpler than it sounds.
This did not stop my brain from screaming vigorously in protest.
Nothing that helped me combat akrasia in the successful time since reading the Motivation Hacker could get this to stop. It was like just thinking about actually doing this was the equivalent of thinking of some horrible tragedy, for all the emotions that flared up and held my problem-solving skills hostage.

Later, I tried to get myself to call the person behind the mysterious vanishing NFB chapter, and could not get myself to do so.

Friday=complete and utter failure.

Monday: I think about how useful the information I have would be for someone trying to complete my projects using only that, and I conclude that I need more music. So I spend that 8:30-10 block working on music. I guess I managed to write two parts of a new song? They're... rather simple parts.

After an hour and a half of "No, seriously, call already, you irrational coward", I managed to call that phone number.

I got a voicemail message that clearly did not refer to the person I was trying to reach. One of the two people mentioned in there has a first name matching her middle name, assuming accurate information from the Googling, so it's possible the number now belongs to relatives/she hasn't updated the voicemail message. Yes, I double-checked to make sure I got the number right.

I'm thinking I should just call the building where these supposed meetings are supposed to take place, if I don't get any responses today.

But regarding what I shall work on from 8:30AM-10:00AM today, I have no idea.

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