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Yes, I am in fact, likely to make a reference that absolutely no one else will get in the subject line. Although, if anyone figures it out, please let me know! That would be awesome!

Anyway, the more I think about it, the more it seems like I should be focusing my attention on not living with my parents.
If that sounds simple to solve, keep reading. (And if it still does by the end, please comment with your solution! Preferably in a non-flamy way...)

I've turned my research toward things that may or may not prove useful to that end.
I know that the local bus system (if you can call it that) does not service this side of town, but does stop at the one place in the whole freaking town I know how to walk to from the house I own but only live in according to paperwork.
I got directions from Google Maps for various destinations in town, and the roads are not set up in anything resembling a convenient fashion. At one point, it says to go southeast on the east end of what is supposedly an east/west avenue, then gave lots of complicated directions to reach a destination on the west end without actually getting back on to said avenue until the end.
I also know that there are no sidewalks within a mile radius of my current location, at least; in practice, it's probably even farther than that. Note that I'm excluding the "driveway-to-porch" sidewalks that don't run parallel to the roads.
There are a few sidewalks down by my former elementary school, but they don't really cover anything but a nearby culdesac and the area surrounding the closest intersection. That's close to exactly 1 mile south of here.
I don't know if there are any sidewalks approaching the airport, roughly 2 miles southeast.
Or if a particular road about a mile to the north has any sidewalks. Of course, that road isn't the best pedestrian route anywhere--Google almost always showed shorter routes than taking that road, but only gave directions for it, presumably because it has the highest speed limit in town. (On that note, is there an accessible way to make Google Maps show the other routes?)
The area around the place I own lacks sidewalks as well, although it mercifully has a gravel shoulder that makes up for this. I have no idea if sidewalks start showing up in the surrounding areas, or if this lack of sidewalks persists all the way from there to the school (a distance of maybe 5 miles).
And according to the bus schedule I looked at, the bus needs to cover that distance in 2 minutes. Assuming that my 5 mile estimate is a bit high... we're still talking 80-115MPH. For a bus. In a town with questionable traffic management. Either the roads are even more bizarrely shaped than I thought, or the bus schedule is kinda optimistic.

Ok, so it's not a pedestrian-friendly town, and the roads are so misshapen that my attempt at making a map based on Google's directions isn't getting very far. Other options? Besides $10 cabs that would eat all my money like a starving Saiyan?

I'm not convinced that the National Federation of the Blind is all that great, but they are hard core about independence, and they publish details about what they're doing, so I've been paying attention to them lately. I finally decided to look for their division in this state, and was ... not impressed.
The website for the state division has one huge flaw I noticed right away: they advertise for their state convention, but don't have any information on it other than how to buy tickets. In fact, the only information that can be found on the site seems to be the chapter locations and officers' contact information. It's kinda like they thought a website was the same as a phonebook.
But ok, clearly word-of-mouth and in-person communication is the crux of NFB members in this state. The population of blind people is lower here than in neighboring states (though I haven't compared the overall populations of said states), and there are probably quite a few elderly people involved.
Oh, and their site does not mention any chapters in my part of the state.

Well, clearly that was a dead end and--ah, wait, no. It turns out that Department of Services for the Blind has a page of support groups, and they quite plainly list a National Federation Chapter not only for this corner of the state, but in this town, close to one of the bus stops.
Of course, the NFB page did not say that there isn't a chapter here, and the DSB page did not say that it was the same national federation.
DSB has not gotten back to me on confirming whether or not there is a NFB chapter here (I sent them the question yesterday morning before 8AM). If they don't get back to me soon, I'll have to ask an NFB officer, or maybe call the number on the DSB entry.

So, I'm not convinced that the local NFB is competent enough to be of much use to me. If they're optimized at all, it's for the previous century. I could try to improve this myself, but I get the feeling that I'd ultimately be working alone, and possibly run into ideological opposition (can't really tell, having not spoken with anyone that would be involved). Gah!

So it seems like I'm still stuck waiting for my sister to get everything arranged with her new house and such. She seems... slightly less aloof about the whole business. Of course, this means at least another month, probably more like two. If I'm still here in August, I might have to yell at people. January is not eight months long!

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