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Comprehension failure

So, yesterday I made two horrible misinterpretations of what should have been obvious posts, pretty much in sequence.

The possibilities seem to be:

  • 1: The posts were unclear for reasons unrelated to my cognitive abilities; for example, one of them would have made more sense if I'd had NVDA reading all punctuation, which I generally don't when reading things on the internet.
  • 2: I'm not as good at this reading comprehension thing as I tend to believe.
  • 3: I was cognitively impaired at the time, somehow.

1 seems the least likely, given the clustering and how I was the only one making these errors.
For 2, I would expect to see me making similar such errors somewhat frequently.
But how would I distinguish 2 and 3? I mean, if I make such errors on occasion, but not on a daily basis, I'd need evidence that most of the errors are not better explained by 3.

I did note yesterday morning, during the first half of my "work on LC" time, that I was feeling awful and kinda tired. I'd gotten 6 hours of sleep the previous night; before that, I'd eaten something unusual (though not something I generally think of as having cognitive sideeffects); that morning I ate something that I've associated with negative psychological effects in the past. And the weather was horrible, but that didn't seem to matter on the three days in the preceeding week where the weather was likewise awful. (The humidity was much, much higher yesterday compared to those previous days, if that matters).
Yesterday was not my best day, even before I made those comprehension errors. I did feel like I was rebounding at the time, for what it's worth.

I can think of a couple other giant comprehension failures on my part (three in particular are coming to mind), but I don't remember the details of diet/sleep/weather/etc on those incidents. And only one of them feels like a close fit to yesterday's screwups.

I'm feeling surprisingly tired now, considering that I got closer to 7 or 8 hours of sleep and have been up for roughly an hour and a half to two hours (I don't remember the exact time I got up, nly that I didn't get up around 3 like I've been lately.).

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