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(I found this draft from months ago when I opened LJ, and it seems to still ****ing fit, so screw it, I'm posting.)

I thought about posting this to a political candidate's Facebook page, then remembered that I'm not a complete idiot.

I'm legally blind and live in a very pedestrian unfriendly part of an otherwise large and successful Arkansas town. I'm extremely isolated, unemployed, have little/no experience, no local contacts and only just drawing enough on disability to avoid bankrupsy. I attended the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Science and the Arts, then Hendrix College, and my experiences there have convinced me that the whitecollar skills I possess are good enough for modest entrepreneurial endeavors, but cannot compete for employment prospects, and I could not hope to make any entrepreneurial attempts without a better source of income, and attempting to work from home is highly likely to be more harmful than helpful for numerous reasons (health among them). I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what hope I have at anything but a long and painful trip to an early grave, so when I hear about job creation and growing the economy, I get interested. I also believe that it's pretty irrational to make overly specific campaign promises without access to the same data available to lawmakers, so I understand the vagueness of your posts at the moment. I find it worth wondering, though: What can I do? The infrastructure that appears specially designed for me (the department for human services, the national federation of the blind's Arkansas chapter) devote very little to using the internet as a means of communication, and it happens to be the only one I can really do anything with, so you can imagine how I'm effectively trapped, here. I have some ideas, sure (Arkansas's low population density and vast rural area do not lend themselves to sufficient public transportation options, which is bad for people like me), but at the end of the day, I'm interested in real options, not best-case scenarios.

Tl;DR: Someone save me. I'm getting kinda desperate and hopeless and maybe a little afraid for my life, here.
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