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Just Google It?

Let's get this thing out of the way first:
The combination of running low on things I can do LC-wise without graphics, sound and better martial arts knowledge, and thinking on potentially useful things like "plans for building a feelscreen" or "some kinda internet startup" or "How to get out of my parents' house" = not coding this morning.

I did, however, come across a Senseg video on Youtube, which quite coincidentally was uploaded 364 days ago, in which the founder said that he expected eSense products on shelves in "the first half of next year". The first half of next year, from the perspective of May 2012, ends in approximately 42 days.
So, I have 42 days to do something awesome. Hmm...

On to the mystery of the vanishing NFB chapter...

The website for the NFB in this state seems rather information poor. A list of officers, a list of chapters, and a registration form for their convention (no information on said convention, mind). And that's pretty much it.

Then I found an entry in the support groups page of the DHS:Division of services for the blind web site, labeled as a National Federation chapter for this corner of the state. No such chapter was mentioned on the NFB page, though technically the DSB entry didn't specify which national federation, and the NFB page didn't say that there was definitely no such chapter.

So, I sent a question to DSB, and waited. After two business days was apparently insufficient for a response, I sent the same question to an email address associated with the NFB website.
Now, the entry on the DSB page included a name and phone number. My original plan was Email DSB -> if fail, email NFB -> if fail, call that person.
At no point in this plan did I think about Googling the name and phone number.
It occurred to me today around noon.

I really should have done that sooner.

My conclusion is that the NFB for this state sucks at the internet, and that the DSB entry is most likely accurate. The same information appears on an different website, but is clearly not simply copy-pasted (typos were not mirrored). To make matters weirder, a list of organizations has an entry that makes it sound like the person in charge of this local chapter is in charge of the whole state, which could be something weird on the website's part, a mistake on the enterer's part, or actually true, since we're assuming the official website for the state division is unreliable.

It does seem that I found something else that tells me a bit more about this person. Now, technically, it could be a different person, but the name, location and gender match (it wasn't a name that I was familiar with gender-wise beforehand), and the general attitude fits with my impression of the NFB, and this person's job is one that is popular among blind Americans, according to the stories I've heard.
Honestly, the part that threw me for a loop is the distance: this person does not live in the same town as the meetings. I considered that they might not be legally blind; then I discovered their email address, which is quite clear about how this person would respond to that. I suppose traveling from town to town is an NFB-type thing to do, too... I just find myself at a loss asto how it's possible short of relying on friends/family. (Do we even have intertown cabs? In this case, there's a county line involved, though it's still a pretty short distance--30 minutes tops.)

I was not looking forward to needing to call a complete stranger to ask about this sort of thing. That's when I was under the impression that I wouldn't be dealing with particularly modernized people.
Now I'm a bit more anxious, even though I'm more confident that it's a good idea, because this person doesn't strike me as having much patience for my brand of weakness.

I suppose next Thursday could be interesting.

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